You are entitled to non-economic damages after a car accident

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While most people know they can recover financial losses such as medical bills and lost wages after a car accident, they may not realize they are also entitled to non-economic damages.

These damages are non-monetary, but this does not make them any less important. The non-economic impact of the injuries you sustained in a car crash can be equally devastating. 

Common examples of non-economic damages

Pain and suffering damages are among the most common types of non-economic damages. This refers to the physical anguish and emotional distress you suffered or still suffer due to your injuries. You may develop anxiety, depression and trauma and endure unimaginable pain after a car accident, and you deserve compensation for that.

You may also recover compensation for a diminished quality of life. When your injuries prevent you from engaging in activities you used to enjoy, such as hanging out with friends or hiking, you can claim compensation for the negative effect the accident has on your quality of life.

Loss of companionship and consortium is also compensable after a car crash. You are entitled to compensation if your injuries interfere with or deteriorate the close and personal relationships with your spouse or close kin. 

Identify these damages before filing your claim

These are just some of the non-economic damages you can claim after a crash. It is advisable not to file a car accident claim without a complete picture of your damages. Otherwise, you risk settling for less than you deserve in compensation, which could leave you in financial difficulty.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash, you should consider seeking legal guidance to help identify the damages you can claim and protect your interests during the entire process.