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What are some risky behaviors that teen drivers may exhibit?

When a young person first receives his or her driver’s license, they are likely to be very excited and look forward to their new-found freedom. However, this can lead to concerns from their parents, who should be aware of the different risks associated with driving at a young age. Whether you are the parent of a teen driver or are a young driver yourself, it is important to understand and avoid some of the risky behaviors that some people exhibit behind the wheel.

According to information published by the State of California, there are a variety of risky behaviors that teens may be especially likely to exhibit behind the wheel, which can cause a motor vehicle collision. For example, many younger drivers have driven while drunk and may become more likely to cause a crash than older drivers who have the same blood alcohol level. Research also shows that teens wear seat belts less frequently and may not have the ability to handle their vehicle as well due to less driving experience. Moreover, some young drivers are more likely to take risks and less likely to detect hazards on the road, which can be disastrous.

How common are work zone injuries?

For those who work in road construction sites, all sorts of dangers may be present every day, from injuries caused by machinery to exposure to extreme heat. Unfortunately, road construction workers also run the risk of being struck by vehicles while they are on the job, which can leave them seriously injured or even result in the loss of their lives. If you are employed in this industry or are a driver who comes across road construction, it is important to be very careful. Moreover, it may be helpful to know how prevalent work zone injuries actually are.

According to material from the Federal Highway Administration, an average day in 2015 saw 70 work zone accidents which led to someone sustaining an injury. Moreover, the majority of work zone accidents in 2015 (73 percent) did not cause an injury or fatality but did result in property damage. 669 people lost their lives in work zone accidents over the course of 2014, which also shows how deadly these wrecks can be. Clearly, work zone crashes are far too common on roads all across the U.S.

On-the-job traffic accidents

People are involved in accidents for all sorts of reasons, whether they are hit by someone who is intoxicated or collide head-on with another vehicle because the driver lost control due to ice on the road. Sometimes, people find themselves in a crash during their commute to work in the morning or on their way home during rush hour. Moreover, an accident may occur while someone is on-the-job, whether they drive a taxi or large truck or are driving around in a company vehicle.

Any time that a collision takes place, victims may be confused about how to move forward and what their options are, and this is especially true with regard to crashes that occur while one is performing his or her job duties. It is important for victims to secure any compensation that they are eligible for as they try to piece their lives together. Moreover, additional considerations may be necessary, such as the impact that an accident will have on one’s career. Sometimes, a collision is so bad that it leaves a worker with mental trauma or physical injuries which prevent them from ever returning to their previous position.

Piecing your life together after a motorcycle crash

Traffic accidents can be devastating for anyone involved in a crash, whether they were driving a large truck or a small vehicle. However, these wrecks can be particularly deadly and result in devastating injuries for those who are struck by other vehicles while riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists face an especially high risk of death or serious injury for various reasons and sadly, some drivers fail to pay attention to others on the road, which can be especially problematic since motorcycles are harder to see due to their smaller size. If you were hurt in a motorcycle wreck, it is essential to consider your options as you piece your life back together.

Depending on the severity of the collision you were involved in, you may be unable to walk or going through an intense amount of pain. Moreover, you might be depressed due to the way your life has changed after the wreck or have a high level of uncertainty and anxiety with respect to your future. Worse, you could be facing financial struggles because you can no longer work or are unsure of how you will cover hospital bills. As a result, it is pivotal for you to explore all options as you try to move forward.

Litigation after a slip-and-fall accident at work

Legal action can arise over a number of incidents in the workplace, from allegations that an employee was sexually harassed to discrimination. However, when a worker becomes injured, the accident can create challenges for both the injured worker and the company which employs them. In some instances, an employer may even face litigation following a workplace accident, such as a slip-and-fall incident. Moreover, an employer may run into problems as a result of other violations related to the accident, such as retaliating over an employee’s workers’ comp claim or refusing to permit an employee to seek medical attention.

Employers should keep an eye out for any potential problem areas in the workplace. For example, if certain hazards are constantly present in a particular area, whether someone is failing to do their job or there is some other risk (such as a leaky pipe creating a wet surface), this should be addressed at once. Slip-and-fall accidents can create a wide variety of hardships for workers and those they love, whether an injury causes physical pain, lost wages, or other challenges. Moreover, an employee missing work because of an injury can also be problematic for the company as a whole.

Anxiety and workplace injuries

When it comes to accidents that occur on the job, there are all sorts of issues that injured workers may need to take into account, such as how the injury will affect their ability to work in the future. Moreover, this can lead to additional challenges, such as the development of high levels of stress.

In fact, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and other emotional hardships that result from a workplace accident can even keep someone from returning to their line of work. After all, heading back to the same place or being surrounded by the same equipment that was present during the accident can make those who have sustained a work injury feel like they are reliving the accident. When people think about the various consequences associated with a jobsite injury, they often focus on the physical nature of an injury, such as broken bones, cuts, and other injuries. However, the mental consequences of work-related injuries can be significant, and they should not be overlooked. Sometimes, people try to ignore negative feelings they have following an accident or are even in denial about PTSD and other challenges, which can be problematic.

How many motorcyclists are hurt each year?

In a recent post, we reviewed the number of motorcyclists whose lives are saved as a result of helmets. However, it is vital to remember that many motorcyclists are hurt in these accidents and the injuries can interfere with their lives in all sorts of ways. Not only do such injuries often lead to lost wages or even an inability to return to work ever again, but they can also cause a great deal of pain, result in limited mobility or a life-long disability, and leave victims with costly medical expenses.

According to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, estimates show that 88,000 people sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash during 2015. Fortunately, this reflects a decrease in the number of motorcycle crash injuries in comparison to 2014, which saw 92,000 injuries, according to estimates. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, the likelihood of an injury is especially high for various reasons. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable when they are struck by a larger vehicle. Even when a motorcyclist wears a helmet properly and takes every possible precautionary measure to avoid an accident, their entire life could be thrown into chaos because of the reckless decisions of an irresponsible driver.

Scarring after a collision

The consequences of a car crash vary from one accident to the next. Sometimes, those involved are fortunate to walk away without suffering any injuries, while others claim lives and leave victims with permanent disabilities. Moreover, there are many ways in which accident victims may suffer beyond broken bones or mental trauma. For example, someone who is involved in a collision might have scarring that has a negative impact on their life in multiple ways.

Scars can make it difficult for an auto accident victim to recover for all sorts of reasons. Not only does the scar potentially serve as a reminder of the accident, but it can even affect victims’ lives in other ways. For example, someone who has a very visible scar on their face might feel insecure about the scar, which could affect them during a job interview, in the workplace, and from a social standpoint. People might ask questions about the scar, prompting the victim to relive the accident they wish they could leave behind. Unfortunately, many people have sustained scars on various parts of their body following a motor vehicle wreck.

What are some common examples of distracted driving?

There are many different dangerous behaviors that drivers exhibit on roads across the country, such as choosing to operate a vehicle while intoxicated or reaching reckless speeds. Many drivers know that these behaviors are unacceptable but continue to drive irresponsibly regardless. However, there are other dangerous behaviors that drivers may not recognize. In fact, even those who are very serious about safe driving might find themselves putting lives at risk when they are behind the wheel. With distracted driving, the risk of a motor vehicle crash can be significantly higher and it is vital for drivers to be aware of the different ways this problem occurs.

According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are many different examples of distracted driving. A driver may divert his or her attention from the road because they are using an entertainment system, sending text messages on a cell phone, conversing with other people in the car, trying to drink or eat food, using a GPS, or trying to change the radio station. In the digital era, cell phones are especially problematic and many drivers have used their device while operating a vehicle, which can be deadly. Even taking one's eyes off the road for a few seconds can permanently change lives for the worse.

When you collide with another vehicle’s trailer

Some traffic wrecks only involve one vehicle, while others involve multiple drivers, such as a crash which happened because a driver attempted to switch lanes without looking. The details surrounding a motor vehicle collision vary from one crash to the next, but the consequences can be disastrous regardless. If you have found yourself in an accident that involved another driver’s trailer, you may want to review your legal options if you believe their carelessness or negligence caused the accident. Moreover, it is important for all drivers to be aware of the potential risks that trailers pose every time they get in their vehicles.

People use trailers for many reasons, whether they are trying to haul tools and materials to a construction site, pull snowmobiles, or transport horses and other types of livestock, among many others. Unfortunately, these trailers can increase the likelihood of something going wrong on the road. In some cases, a driver may not have very much experience using a trailer and they could be responsible for an accident when they attempt to make a turn or try to switch lanes. Collisions may also transpire when something falls out of a trailer, such as a large object, or when a trailer dislodges altogether. Moreover, drivers may strike a trailer because its brake lights were not working.

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