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When you collide with another vehicle’s trailer

Some traffic wrecks only involve one vehicle, while others involve multiple drivers, such as a crash which happened because a driver attempted to switch lanes without looking. The details surrounding a motor vehicle collision vary from one crash to the next, but the consequences can be disastrous regardless. If you have found yourself in an accident that involved another driver’s trailer, you may want to review your legal options if you believe their carelessness or negligence caused the accident. Moreover, it is important for all drivers to be aware of the potential risks that trailers pose every time they get in their vehicles.

People use trailers for many reasons, whether they are trying to haul tools and materials to a construction site, pull snowmobiles, or transport horses and other types of livestock, among many others. Unfortunately, these trailers can increase the likelihood of something going wrong on the road. In some cases, a driver may not have very much experience using a trailer and they could be responsible for an accident when they attempt to make a turn or try to switch lanes. Collisions may also transpire when something falls out of a trailer, such as a large object, or when a trailer dislodges altogether. Moreover, drivers may strike a trailer because its brake lights were not working.

When is the risk of a fatal crash especially high?

From lost lives to devastating injuries, car accidents can be incredibly devastating and prevention is pivotal. There are many factors to consider with regard to auto accident prevention, such as the time of day or certain days when an accident risk may be higher. If you are thinking about the likelihood of an accident, it may be helpful to take a look at statistics on this topic for a clearer understanding of times when driving is especially dangerous.

According to data presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal auto accidents are much more likely to take place on the weekend as opposed to the rest of the week. The NHTSA states that a significant difference in the number of fatalities was not observed between Mondays and Thursdays, but that far more deaths take place on the weekend, Saturday in particular. These accidents may be more likely to occur on the weekend for various reasons, especially since many people make the poor decision to drive drunk after spending time at a bar or a celebration.

Poor weather and traffic collisions

The consumption of alcohol, fatigue, and speeding all contribute to the prevalence of motor vehicle accidents across the country. However, there are other factors that cause these crashes too, such as poor weather conditions. Our law office knows that weather in Texas can be unpredictable and unfortunately, it can also lead to a deadly crash. From fog to icy roads and strong winds, weather events increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision in many ways.

As a driver, you have to keep an eye out for many potential hazards. Sometimes, these hazards may appear suddenly and you may have little time to react. For example, strong winds might knock down a tree limb that obstructs the road around a corner, giving you just seconds to make a decision. Unfortunately, some drivers in this position might collide with another vehicle or swerve off the road and find themselves in a single-vehicle accident. Aside from wind, other weather-related hazards, such as dense fog, can also cause an accident. When it is very foggy, a driver might not be able to see the road clearly or other traffic. Heavy rains, ice, and other weather issues can also lead to a collision.

Statistics on large truck crash injuries

In 2012, 135 large truck accident fatalities were reported in Texas alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While fatal large truck wrecks are a serious concern, these accidents also cause a large number of injuries as well. In Dallas, and across all other parts of the state, it is worth pointing out that injuries can destroy the lives of victims in a myriad of ways. From interfering with a victim's ability to work to causing an incredible amount of physical pain, there is a wide range of potential problems that can come along with a truck collision, even if those involved are fortunate enough to stay alive.

During 2009, there were 60,000 large truck collisions that caused injuries, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, this figure increased by 62 percent during 2015. For many of the victims of these wrecks, and even their loved ones, nothing can restore a sense of normalcy. Victims may struggle with a wide range of serious problems that get in the way of daily life, such as immobility, pain, and lost wages as a result of missing work. In some instances, victims are able to move forward with legal action and obtain the help they need to provide peace of mind, but this does not always make up for the hardships they have had to endure.

How many motorcyclist lives do helmets save?

Whether you ride a motorcycle on a daily basis as your primary means of transportation or simply enjoy to ride occasionally when you have free time, you likely encounter a variety of risks. Sometimes, motorcyclists cannot prevent an accident regardless of how safe they are, with drunk and careless drivers on the road. However, you might want to go over some of the different ways to avoid a fatal motorcycle accident, such as wearing a proper helmet. Although this may not be enough to save your life, it could help reduce the likelihood of one of these accidents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that more than 1,700 motorcyclist lives were saved due to helmets in 2015, based on estimates. Research shows that helmets lower the chances of a fatal motorcycle accident by 37 percent and the CDC states that hundreds of lives could have been saved in 2015 had all motorcyclists been wearing helmets. Even when an accident does not result in a fatality, there is a long list of hardships that motorcyclists may have to endure after a collision, from a serious injury to financial problems.

Misalignment and motorcycle crashes

As a motorcyclist, you may have a wide variety of stressors, such as operating your motorcycle during inclement weather or the risk of being hit by a distracted driver. However, there are many other reasons why these accidents can occur, threatening the lives of motorcyclists and also leading to lifelong injuries. For example, if your motorcycle is not aligned properly, you could find yourself in an accident.

Sometimes, issues with motorcycle alignment are easily detectable and motorcyclists have a clear understanding that the problem needs to be fixed. In other instances, a motorcycle may need to be aligned but a motorcyclist may not realize the problem, especially if it is subtle. Unfortunately, any alignment issues can lead to a serious accident and should be addressed promptly.

What setting your DVR has to do with intellectual property law

If you are a Comcast customer, you may have used an app that lets you schedule your DVR from your mobile device. The capability to use your phone in that way was the subject of a lawsuit between Comcast and TiVo. It was heard in front of the U.S. International Trade Commission and the ruling issued has important repercussions for intellectual property law.

The dispute arose when TiVo and Comcast could not reach an agreement on the licensing for the technology to remotely schedule DVRs by smartphone. Comcast built that capability into its X1 set-top boxes after licensing it from a company called Rovi. Last year, TiVo acquired Rovi, and did not renew the licensing agreement with Comcast. As a result, Comcast attempted to use the technology without paying for it.

Bicycle accidents and liability: What should you know

Bicycle accidents can cause serious and fatal injuries. Especially when such an accident involves a bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle, the results can be particularly catastrophic.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a bicycle versus car crash caused by a negligent or unlawful motorist, it may be possible to recover monetary damages from the at-fault party in the crash. In order to prevail in such a lawsuit, however, the bicyclist must prove that the driver is liable.

Strategies to settle a business partner dispute

Going into business with a partner is similar to any other type of long-term relationship. You are going to have your ups and downs. There will be matters that you do not agree on, such as a strategy for expanding the company or perhaps the hiring of a new manager. Regardless of the reason for the dispute, it does not take much for one to spiral out of control.

If you have found yourself in a dispute with your partner, it could lead to the dissolution of your Dallas area company if you do not handle it properly. While your partnership or operating agreement should lay out the procedures you must follow if you cannot come to agreement on a business matter, the following dispute resolution strategies may be helpful.

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