Medical evidence can make or break your car accident claim

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Seeking urgent medical attention after a car accident is crucial for not only your health, but also for the success of any potential claim for compensation you may pursue. Your medical records can serve as crucial evidence to support your case and could make or break your claim.

Medical evidence can help you to prove you suffered injuries as a result of the crash. X-rays, MRI scans and doctors’ notes detailing your diagnosis and treatment can all demonstrate the nature of your injuries. They can also help establish a direct link between the accident and your injuries in case there are doubts that they were pre-existing.

Determining the extent of your damages

Medical evidence can also provide a detailed account of the expenses you incurred like medical bills, prescription and rehabilitation expenses. This can be crucial when requesting damages for financial losses arising from the accident.

In addition, it makes it easier to assess or quantify non-economic damages you’ve suffered from the crash, such as the impact on your quality of life or career prospects, the pain and suffering you endured and the potential long-term effects of your injuries. Without medical evidence, it can be difficult to show the full extent of such damages that are not as straightforward, which can affect any potential settlement.

When it comes to a car crash claim, the importance of medical records cannot be overemphasized. Remember, insurance companies often look for ways to minimize their payouts, and presenting a weak claim without supporting documentation could be your undoing. Reaching out for legal guidance to help gather relevant evidence and represent your interests can go a long way in securing the compensation you deserve.