3 causes of distracted driving

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Look around you: there’s likely a large billboard trying to sell you a phone plan; there’s a TV nearby playing the latest news; and someone likely walked out onto the street, nearly causing a car wreck. It seems like, in the modern world, you can’t get away from distractions. While it may be a mild inconvenience any other time, experiencing a distraction while driving could lead to serious, even fatal injuries.

There are hundreds of thousands of accidents occurring each year because of distracted driving. Distracted driving could be one of the biggest leading causes of car accidents. What cause distracted driving? Here’s what you should know:

#1. Texting and driving

Have you ever looked down at your phone and started texting someone without realizing that someone was trying to get your attention? You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last, but it could be a leading cause for many distracted driving accidents. Texting and driving causes many people to take one and off the wheel and  can reduce their reaction time, easily leading to a collision.

#2. Talking to a passenger

Humans, despite what most people say, aren’t good at multitasking. While talking to a passenger may seem relaxing and seemingly speed up the travel time, it can also cause people to focus less on the road and more on the conversation at hand, causing many car accidents.

#3. Driving with pets

Whether you just want to take your furry friend for some fresh air or you’re driving to the vet, having an animal in the car can make things difficult. While many pet owners put their pets in cages, some animals are just too big or too restless to stay still and, instead, sit in the passenger or back seat. The problem, however, is that animals don’t understand that driving takes up a lot of concentration and many pets are more inclined to demand attention instead of letting their owners avoid a car accident.

There are many other reasons for distracted driving accidents, like eating and drinking or listening to music. While you may be cautious on the road, that doesn’t mean other drivers are and you may find yourself in a car accident because another driver was distracted. If this is the case, then you may need to reach out for legal help when seeking compensation for your losses and injuries.