Facial injuries after a motorcycle collision

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles are not only fun, but they are also an efficient way to get around. The climate in Texas makes it possible to head out on two wheels for most of the year.

While there are many benefits to motorcycling, it also has its drawbacks. As a rider, you just don’t have the same level of physical protection that other road users enjoy.

One area that is particularly exposed is your face. Outlined below are some of the more common facial injuries sustained during motorcycle collisions.

Eye injuries

If you wear a helmet, visor or goggles, then your eyes are somewhat protected from loose debris on the roads. Nonetheless, during a collision, there is only so much that these safety features can do for you. The impact of a fall can be significant, resulting in tremendous blows to the facial area. You may fracture your cheekbones or orbital bones. Such injuries are not only severely painful, but they can also result in further complications. If you sustain damage to your optic nerve, cornea or retina, then you may require complex surgery to restore your vision. In extreme cases, visual damage might even be permanent.

Dental injuries

One type of injury that is frequently overlooked is dental injuries. During a motorcycle crash, the chances of suffering such an injury are fairly high. The force of the crash could dislodge your teeth or fracture your jaw. Your ability to eat, function and communicate could be impacted for several months while you recover.

Motorcyclists have every right to utilize the Texas roadways in safety. If you have been knocked off of your bike because of another driver, make sure you explore your legal options in more detail.