Intoxicated driving and large truck crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

In a recent post, we examined some of the dangers of truck driver fatigue. Unfortunately, there are many other reasons why large truck wrecks happen in Dallas, and across Texas. Moreover, some may be linked to fatigue. For example, a driver who is extremely tired may turn to unlawful substances in an attempt to stay alert behind the wheel and push themselves too far, resulted in intoxicated driving. Large truck drivers may also become inebriated while driving due to alcohol and even the consumption of medication that has been prescribed by their doctor. At Cortez Law Firm, we believe truck drivers (and all other drivers) who endanger innocent lives by driving while impaired should be held accountable.

A great deal of attention has focused on the dangers of drunk driving, but there are many other reasons why drivers become intoxicated. For example, some may think that it is okay to consume medical marijuana prior to driving or while on the road, which can be extremely dangerous. Some may struggle with an addiction to prescription painkillers or another type of prescription medication, while others may not be aware that they took too much of a drug that was prescribed to them.

When a truck driver is impaired, they may struggle to keep an eye out for other vehicles, drive over the speed limit or ignore traffic signs, among other examples of dangerous driving. Sadly, the accidents they cause can result in significant injuries or even claim innocent lives, especially since the vehicles they drive are so massive.