How often are employees hurt while working?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Workers who are employed across various sectors face numerous hazards on the job. Some jobs may be more dangerous than others but working in any industry can lead to an injury. From repetitive strain that results from doing the same movements for years to accidents involving machinery or falling objects, there are many different risks that workers should be aware of. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong regardless of how prepared and cautious an employee is, and the consequences can be devastating.

Data that was released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that during 2016, roughly 2.9 million nonfatal work-related illnesses and injuries were reported by employers in the private sector. It is important to note that based on estimates, the number of injuries which were reported over the course of 2016 shows that there were roughly 48,500 fewer nonfatal work-related injuries in comparison to 2015. However, many of the millions of employees who were hurt at work during 2016 and more recently have had to work through an array of hardships.

A work-related injury may cause far more damage than physical pain and injuries. The financial implications of an accident can be incredibly hard, whether a worker is struggling to support their family after taking time off or they cannot afford medical costs. It is essential for workers who have been hurt on the job to know what their rights are, and which options are open to them. For many, workers’ compensation is one resource that can help their entire family move forward from the accident.