How common are work zone injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Personal Injury |

For those who work in road construction sites, all sorts of dangers may be present every day, from injuries caused by machinery to exposure to extreme heat. Unfortunately, road construction workers also run the risk of being struck by vehicles while they are on the job, which can leave them seriously injured or even result in the loss of their lives. If you are employed in this industry or are a driver who comes across road construction, it is important to be very careful. Moreover, it may be helpful to know how prevalent work zone injuries actually are.

According to material from the Federal Highway Administration, an average day in 2015 saw 70 work zone accidents which led to someone sustaining an injury. Moreover, the majority of work zone accidents in 2015 (73 percent) did not cause an injury or fatality but did result in property damage. 669 people lost their lives in work zone accidents over the course of 2014, which also shows how deadly these wrecks can be. Clearly, work zone crashes are far too common on roads all across the U.S.

Those who have sustained an injury due to an accident that happened while they were working in a road construction zone need to assess their options and the details surrounding the incident right away. These injuries can shatter the life of a construction worker as well as their family members in all sorts of ways, preventing them from returning to work and causing all sorts of physical, financial, and even emotional challenges.