4 pieces of information you should record after an accident

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Car Accidents |

After an accident, you might not be focused on much except for getting medical help. While that is the most important thing to do, there are a number of pieces of information you need to collect after a crash.

Many of these pieces of information can be collected after you get medical help, but it is a good idea to write them down as soon as you can. Your memory may not be as good later as it is right now. Here are five things you should record as soon as possible.

1. Write down the circumstances of the accident

Start by writing down the circumstances surrounding the accident. What time was it? What was the weather like? How fast was the other driver traveling? Did you notice him or her before the accident, and did he or she drive safely up to that point? Was the driver texting before the crash? Did you notice anything unusual, like the driver looking down or away from the road?

By answering questions like these, the police, your attorney and the insurance agents involved get a better idea of what happened.

2. Explain the extent of your injuries

Next, you’ll want to document your injuries. Take photos, keep medical documents and be prepared to discuss any diagnosis you receive.

3. Take notes about your claim

Whenever you talk to someone about the claim, take notes. Whether you speak to your attorney or an insurance agent, the information you receive is important. Write down important dates, requests for information and whom you spoke to each time you called or were called.

4. Keep witness information

Finally, keep all witness information on hand. It’s better to know that you can call for additional information than to be worried about needing a witness’s recounting of the events and not knowing how to reach him or her. The insurance company, your attorney and others may request this information.

These are a few things to keep after you’re in a crash. Keep them on hand or in a safe place, so you know where to find the information when needed.