4 unexpected distractions that can lead to a vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Pretty much everyone knows that distracted driving results in many motor vehicle crashes and potentially severe injuries. Most also understand that texting or operating a GPS device are two top distractions to avoid while driving.

Unfortunately, many other things can take a motorist’s attention from the task at hand. The more you know about driving distractions, even ones you may have never considered, the better you are prepared to avoid a catastrophe.

Emotional distress

A Virginia Tech study showed that driving while “observably” distraught is up to ten times riskier than driving while calm. Motorists who are upset about something may not be able to concentrate on what they are doing.

Bees and bugs

Getting buzzed by a flying insect can be distracting, no matter the circumstances, but if it happens while driving, it can cause a crash. Most people react immediately, causing them to jerk the wheel or swerve. Spiders and other crawling insects may also distract motorists.


When faced with a spectacle, many immediately focus on the event, even while driving. Unfortunately, the seconds spent gawking at a nearby curiosity may be just enough to put everyone in the vicinity in danger of involvement in a vehicle accident.

Fatigue and exhaustion

We have all been really tired at some point in our lives, but exhaustion or fatigue is much more dangerous than ordinary tiredness. It can cause problems concentrating on specific tasks as well as muscle weakness. Driving near an exhausted driver puts others at risk of a crash.

Hopefully, this information can help you avoid distractions while driving, but remember that others can still put you in danger. Protect your right to compensation under Texas accident and injury laws if a distracted driver harms you in a car accident.