Why do people choose to drink and drive?

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One question that victims of drunk driving accidents tend to have is why the driver chose to drink and drive. In the past, it might have been chalked off to having no other way to get home, but today, there are many ways for people to get home safely without having to be behind the wheel.

With so many options, like calling a rideshare service or taxi, walking, staying at a hotel, calling friends or family or using public transportation, there is really no good reason to be behind the wheel when intoxicated. Those who are could face DUI charges and other penalties, especially if they cause a drunk driving accident.

Why do people choose to ignore those options when so much is at risk for them and others?

Impairment changes the way you think

The first thing to remember is that alcohol impairment changes the way you think and act. Your typical risk aversion may no longer be an issue, and you may make decisions that you normally would not. An alcohol-induced altered state of mind can be harmful, because it makes people think they can do what they normally can when sober even when they cannot.

Embarrassment may play a role in drunk driving

Sometimes, people are embarrassed to call a rideshare service, friend, family member or other party to pick them up when they’re impaired. They may be ashamed that they drank so much or be trying to hide that they were using drugs. It’s important for anyone who is impaired to realize that drinking or using drugs and driving is worse than the embarrassment they’ll feel, but yet many still choose to drive.

Alcohol plays games with a person’s mind, so it’s not surprising that it can make them feel invincible or as if they’re still able to drive when they cannot. Unfortunately, the victims of drunk driving crashes pay the price by suffering from injuries and, in some cases, passing away. If you’re hurt in a drunk driving crash, you do have options. You have the right to seek compensation to help you cover your financial losses and to hold the other party responsible.