3 ways delivery vehicles can increase everyone’s crash risks

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Package delivery demands are higher than ever, with many households now making multiple online purchases every week. Both established delivery corporations and private businesses have had to scramble to develop faster and larger delivery fleets in recent years.

Unfortunately, all of those delivery vehicles on the road increase your risk. How do delivery drivers add to the chance of a crash? 

Companies have had to relax their standards

With the constant demand for package delivery comes significant worker turnover. While the biggest delivery businesses may still apply strict standards for delivery drivers, others may have had to compromise regarding who they hire just to have enough workers on staff. They may compromise on someone’s experience level or driving record. 

Too much work means bad driving choices

If someone has to deliver 200 packages in a single day, they don’t have time to take a detour or a bathroom break. They don’t even have time to safely park their vehicles or eat a meal in some cases.

Delivery drivers may leave their vehicles in unsafe places for expediency’s sake or may maneuver in unpredictable ways if they nearly miss a stop or a turn. 

Long work hours can lead to exhaustion

Putting in all of those hours delivering packages take the physical toll. By the end of a shift, a delivery driver may be very drowsy and have substantially worse driving skills than when they started their shift.

Exhausted, under-qualified and overworked delivery drivers can cause major collisions. Looking at your options for compensation after a crash with a delivery vehicle can help reduce the long-term effect of the wreck on your life.