Hydroplaning to blame in Fort Worth accident

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Many in Dallas may believe that the safe operation of vehicles on the road is solely on the law. What this notion may fail to take into account is that not every driving scenario is the same. Indeed, elements such as weather, driving conditions or even the current operational state of a vehicle may mandate that the way that a should drive on the same stretch of road can differ from one day to the next. Thus, simple common sense and good judgment should dictate one’s driving habits; the laws simply support that idea. 

One who does not exercise such concern while driving could end up impacting both their own lives as well as those of others. A recent crash that occurred in Fort Worth verifies this fact. The driver of a pickup truck lost control of his vehicle when he hydroplaned on a slick road. The truck then struck a sedan and pushed it through the guardrail and on to service road. Traveling in the sedan were a mother and her two young children. Sadly, both children died in the collision. The condition of the mother and the truck driver was not reported. 

Even the most skilled drivers may find it difficult to control their vehicles in slick road conditions. This, all motorists may be cautioned to slow down when the roads are wet. Those who do not could be said to be behaving recklessly. If and when that recklessness results in injury (or worse yet, death), those affected by it may be justified in seeking compensation in the form of a lawsuit. Having an attorney on one’s side during such a lawsuit may increase one’s chances of securing a favorable outcome.