Devices, passengers and other distractions

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Sometimes, people forget about the dangers of distracted driving. There are many different things that can distract a driver while they should be paying attention to the road, some of which are less noticeable. Many people understand that trying to use a phone while driving is not only dangerous but can be illegal. However, there are all sorts of distractions that can increase the chances of a wreck even though they are not against the law, such as trying to drink coffee or talk to someone in the car while driving.

Aside from phones, many other devices can distract drivers. Some may watch a show on their tablet or try to play a game on a handheld device while they are behind the wheel. Other passengers can get in the way of a driver’s ability to focus on the road, especially if they are loud, overly excited or unusually bothersome. Kids, pets and many different behaviors can distract a driver, such as using a GPS or adjusting the volume while listening to music.

Distractions can significantly impact a driver’s ability to stay safe on the road, and some reckless drivers endanger other lives while they use their phone. Sadly, many drivers have disregarded these risks and driven anyway, and our law firm believes they should be held accountable when they cause a crash.

If you were hit by someone who was distracted while driving, you may have a number of challenges in front of you and it is important to review your legal options.