When an employee takes legal action following an accident

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Personal Injury |

There are many facets of business litigation, from allegations of unlawful discrimination to sexual harassment and wage violations. That said, work-related accidents can be especially upsetting for injured workers and even their employers. From taking time off work, which can have negative consequences for workers and the entire company, to filing for workers’ comp, there are many issues to consider with work accidents. Moreover, some employees may decide to file suit after a work-related mishap.

Workplace accidents happen in many different ways, from those which involve harmful chemicals or dangerous machinery to work accidents on the road. For example, a worker may sustain an injury while driving around to run errands or carry out their day-to-day job duties (delivery truck drivers, truckers, etc.). Sometimes, workers’ comp benefits are sufficient and help an injured worker recover. In some cases, however, an employee may believe that they were injured due to their employer’s negligence and decide to take legal action.

Employers may be sued for not providing workers’ compensation or because of reckless conduct. With business-related lawsuits, each case is unique and you should keep in mind that there are many individual details of the case which could affect the course of action you should take and the outcome. Work-related accidents can have serious financial consequences for everyone involved, requiring workers to lose wages due to missing work or struggle with medical expenses and, in some instances, creating financial difficulties for an employer. Our injury page offers more related to work accident lawsuits.