Resolving Partnership Disputes

What are the causes of partnership disputes? The reasons are numerous, but often involve anger or fear about the business’s future that can cloud decision-making abilities. It may be time to go separate ways. There may be an associated criminal or tax investigation if money was misappropriated by a partner. Speaking with an experienced business litigation attorney is a first step toward a resolution.

Cortez Law Firm, PLLC, in Dallas provides knowledgeable and candid legal counsel through a difficult transition. Our experienced lawyers have handled partnership litigation for many years.

What makes us different from other firms? One of our attorneys served as a Texas district court judge. The advantage this offers is that we are able to analyze a legal dispute from both sides. This allows you to make the most informed decisions.

We Represent Partnerships Of All Sizes That Are Dealing With Conflict

A professional partnership may start small with two partners opening an accounting firm or orthopedic specialty practice, but successful partnerships tend to grow over the years. We have experience advising partnerships of many sizes.

Issues we frequently handle include:

Leveraging our experience advising partnership clients, we are often able to reach an agreeable outcome through negotiation or mediation. When warranted, we have the resources to take a case to trial.

Set Up An Initial, No-Obligation Consultation

Partnership issues do not resolve themselves on their own. If you wait to act, the situation may only grow more hostile. To schedule an initial consultation, please send us an email or call our Dallas offices at 214-380-4030.

To better assist clients, we offer legal services in Spanish, Gujarati and Punjabi. Our firm also accepts credit card payments.