Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Claims

A fiduciary duty includes the obligation to act in the best interest of a business or person. If the CEO of a large company negotiates a deal with a struggling friend that ends up causing significant losses and plummeting share prices, the company shareholders might pursue a breach of fiduciary duty claim to recover losses. An experienced civil litigation lawyer is needed in these situations to find solutions.

Cortez Law Firm, PLLC, in Dallas has handled a wide variety of business and commercial litigation matters for business clients of varying sizes across the region. Our attorneys have years of experience and focus on providing exceptional service to our clients. We are also adept at viewing matters from both sides of the aisle and our team of attorneys includes a former Texas district court judge.

How Is A Fiduciary Duty Breached?

There are three main questions to answer:

  • Did a fiduciary relationship exist at the time the dispute arose?
  • What was the scope of the relationship and which duties were assigned in that capacity?
  • Within the scope of the business relationship, were any of these duties breached?

Often these issues start to arise when a business is struggling. It becomes important to review whether actions were taken that were counter to the business’s best interests. This might happen if a partner takes an action that harms the partnership or maybe a board member used insider knowledge to profit personally.

Remedies exist, but vary based on the facts of the situation. Our lawyers are often able to negotiate a settlement, but will take a case to trial when necessary to obtain the best outcome.

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