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How often are employees hurt while working?

Workers who are employed across various sectors face numerous hazards on the job. Some jobs may be more dangerous than others but working in any industry can lead to an injury. From repetitive strain that results from doing the same movements for years to accidents involving machinery or falling objects, there are many different risks that workers should be aware of. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong regardless of how prepared and cautious an employee is, and the consequences can be devastating.

Do more pedestrian deaths occur during the day or night?

Fatal pedestrian accidents can occur at any time and there are various factors which may increase the probability of a pedestrian accident. For example, certain areas may see an increase in the number of pedestrians during the day, when people may be more likely to take to the road. However, pedestrian safety may decrease during the night, when visibility is reduced, and other problems become more prevalent (such as drunk driving).

Can glare from headlights cause a crash?

Drivers use headlights to maintain solid visibility during the nighttime hours, making sure that they stay on the road and are able to see potential hazards such as a deer crossing the street. Unfortunately, the use of headlights can be problematic in some ways. For example, it may interfere with another driver’s vision and ability to drive safely. It is crucial for drivers to be aware of these different risks and do all they can to drive responsibly, especially during the night.

When a property owner is liable for a trespassing child's injury

Children in Texas learn by exploring new areas and picking up interesting objects. This often means they are going places and doing things that could be harmful to them. For the curious mind, there is nothing more tempting than to go where they have been told not to. Homeowners who have everyday objects and features on their property that could endanger children have a special responsibility to take steps to prevent injured visitors.

Employee rights violations and workplace accidents

Those employed in various fields face many threats each day, whether their job responsibilities place them behind the wheel, they work on a construction site, or they find themselves in an office. Unfortunately, workplace accidents cannot always be prevented. However, there are many preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of something going wrong. Additionally, there are a number of employee protections that help prevent these accidents from occurring. Sadly, some employers fail to respect the rights of their employees, which can lead to an accident.

When an employee takes legal action following an accident

There are many facets of business litigation, from allegations of unlawful discrimination to sexual harassment and wage violations. That said, work-related accidents can be especially upsetting for injured workers and even their employers. From taking time off work, which can have negative consequences for workers and the entire company, to filing for workers’ comp, there are many issues to consider with work accidents. Moreover, some employees may decide to file suit after a work-related mishap.

How common are work zone injuries?

For those who work in road construction sites, all sorts of dangers may be present every day, from injuries caused by machinery to exposure to extreme heat. Unfortunately, road construction workers also run the risk of being struck by vehicles while they are on the job, which can leave them seriously injured or even result in the loss of their lives. If you are employed in this industry or are a driver who comes across road construction, it is important to be very careful. Moreover, it may be helpful to know how prevalent work zone injuries actually are.

Anxiety and workplace injuries

When it comes to accidents that occur on the job, there are all sorts of issues that injured workers may need to take into account, such as how the injury will affect their ability to work in the future. Moreover, this can lead to additional challenges, such as the development of high levels of stress.

Statistics on large truck crash injuries

In 2012, 135 large truck accident fatalities were reported in Texas alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While fatal large truck wrecks are a serious concern, these accidents also cause a large number of injuries as well. In Dallas, and across all other parts of the state, it is worth pointing out that injuries can destroy the lives of victims in a myriad of ways. From interfering with a victim's ability to work to causing an incredible amount of physical pain, there is a wide range of potential problems that can come along with a truck collision, even if those involved are fortunate enough to stay alive.

Power Morcellator: The Defective Device Spreading Cancer

There are numerous reasons that someone may need to have surgery. When it comes to the field of OB/GYN, the number of surgical indications are endless. For example, women may have benign masses in their uterus that could necessitate removal. Some women have cysts that grow on their ovaries or uterus that need to be drained. Regardless of the reason, some of these procedures will necessitate the removal of the uterus itself to alleviate the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

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