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Car Accidents Archives

Scarring after a collision

The consequences of a car crash vary from one accident to the next. Sometimes, those involved are fortunate to walk away without suffering any injuries, while others claim lives and leave victims with permanent disabilities. Moreover, there are many ways in which accident victims may suffer beyond broken bones or mental trauma. For example, someone who is involved in a collision might have scarring that has a negative impact on their life in multiple ways.

What are some common examples of distracted driving?

There are many different dangerous behaviors that drivers exhibit on roads across the country, such as choosing to operate a vehicle while intoxicated or reaching reckless speeds. Many drivers know that these behaviors are unacceptable but continue to drive irresponsibly regardless. However, there are other dangerous behaviors that drivers may not recognize. In fact, even those who are very serious about safe driving might find themselves putting lives at risk when they are behind the wheel. With distracted driving, the risk of a motor vehicle crash can be significantly higher and it is vital for drivers to be aware of the different ways this problem occurs.

When you collide with another vehicle’s trailer

Some traffic wrecks only involve one vehicle, while others involve multiple drivers, such as a crash which happened because a driver attempted to switch lanes without looking. The details surrounding a motor vehicle collision vary from one crash to the next, but the consequences can be disastrous regardless. If you have found yourself in an accident that involved another driver’s trailer, you may want to review your legal options if you believe their carelessness or negligence caused the accident. Moreover, it is important for all drivers to be aware of the potential risks that trailers pose every time they get in their vehicles.

When is the risk of a fatal crash especially high?

From lost lives to devastating injuries, car accidents can be incredibly devastating and prevention is pivotal. There are many factors to consider with regard to auto accident prevention, such as the time of day or certain days when an accident risk may be higher. If you are thinking about the likelihood of an accident, it may be helpful to take a look at statistics on this topic for a clearer understanding of times when driving is especially dangerous.

Poor weather and traffic collisions

The consumption of alcohol, fatigue, and speeding all contribute to the prevalence of motor vehicle accidents across the country. However, there are other factors that cause these crashes too, such as poor weather conditions. Our law office knows that weather in Texas can be unpredictable and unfortunately, it can also lead to a deadly crash. From fog to icy roads and strong winds, weather events increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision in many ways.

Preparing Your Teen Driver for a Potential Car Accident

It is never easy for parents to allow their teens to begin driving. As experienced drivers understand, operating a vehicle can be a risky business. Guiding your teen through the basics of what to do if he or she ever happens to be involved in a car accident can help to set your mind at ease and can potentially save your teen from unnecessary stress. 

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