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July 2018 Archives

Distracted drivers and motorcyclist fatalities

Motorcyclists face all sorts of hazards when they take to the road, and our blog has covered many. However, distracted driving is a major area of concern and distracted drivers have claimed the lives of many motorcyclists over the years. Unfortunately, there are all sorts of distractions that can get in the way of a person's ability to drive properly and these distractions will lead to more fatalities and serious injuries in the months ahead. If your loved one was hit by a driver who was not paying attention to the road, you should know what your legal options are.

Heavy rain and the risk of a motorcycle crash

A motorcycle collision can occur at any time, but there are certain instances when a crash may be more likely. For example, if a motorcyclist or the driver of another vehicle are under the influence of alcohol, the chances of a crash may be far more likely. There are other hazards to watch out for as well, such as poor weather conditions. Even in the summer months, heavy rain, fog and strong winds can pose a threat, especially for those who ride a motorcycle.

Drunk driving and motorcycle wrecks

There are many threats that motorcyclists face on the roads each day, but some are especially concerning. Although hazards such as poor road conditions due to ice or heavy rain can lead to a tragic motorcycle crash, it is especially upsetting when someone's recklessness leads to a collision. Sadly, many drivers choose to get behind the wheel even though they are over the legal limit or are impaired as a result of drug use. Drunk drivers pose a threat to everyone on the road, but motorcyclists are especially at risk.

What are the requirements for an effective employment contract?

As your business in Texas continues to grow steadily, you have begun to weigh your options for hiring and recruiting. Are there ways you can encourage your employees to be loyal and work hard? Are there things you can do to secure the confidentiality of sensitive information and intellectual property? One of the things you may have considered is implementing an employment contract that new hires will sign upon being offered a job. Understanding the requirements of this beneficial and important agreement may help you to better articulate content that suits the unique needs of your organization. 

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