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June 2018 Archives

When a property owner is liable for a trespassing child's injury

Children in Texas learn by exploring new areas and picking up interesting objects. This often means they are going places and doing things that could be harmful to them. For the curious mind, there is nothing more tempting than to go where they have been told not to. Homeowners who have everyday objects and features on their property that could endanger children have a special responsibility to take steps to prevent injured visitors.

Drunk driving and the Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July around the corner, many people are preparing for fireworks and family celebrations. From making plans to attend a firework display to reaching out to family members and organizing a party and celebrating the holiday, there are a number of reasons why people look forward to Independence Day. However, it is essential to bear in mind that there are certain risks during the holiday, such as an increase in the number of intoxicated drivers. There are other reasons why crashes occur over the Fourth of July as well.

Understanding the dangers of trucker fatigue

Large truck wrecks keep happening on roads across the U.S. for a host of reasons. Drunk driving and speeding are common causes, but some truck wrecks take place because a trucker is suffering from fatigue. Some people may not think that driver fatigue is very serious, at least in comparison to drug and alcohol use behind the wheel. Or, some may think that everyone drives while they are fatigued at some point. However, truck driver fatigue is extremely dangerous and responsible for many of the large truck collisions that have taken place.

How many fatal motorcycle crashes take place on rural roads?

When it comes to preventing motorcycle accidents, there are many pointers to keep in mind. For example, motorcyclists should avoid driving while intoxicated and watch out when road conditions are poor. However, it may also be helpful to go over statistics on motorcycle accidents to gain a better understanding of the types of places and factors involved in many motorcycle wrecks. For example, some people may think that motorcycle accidents are very uncommon in rural areas, even though statistics show that many crashes happen on rural roads.

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